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Type or paste a DOI name into the text box. What is New York City doing to help people whose homes were damaged by Sandy? Can I still register for 1001 questions to ask before you get married pdf it Back?

How do I confirm, reschedule, or cancel or my appointment with a Housing Recovery Specialist? If I live in New York City, should I also apply to the New York State Rising Housing Recovery Program? I own multiple tenant-occupied homes, but I only registered one address with Build it Back. Who is required to be listed as a co-applicant? If I am not an owner of the property, but I am married to an owner of the property and I have lived at the property for many years, can I be a co-applicant? Is every co-applicant required to provide income information?

Where are the Build it Back Centers located? If I have a Build it Back question not answered here, what should I do? How do I find out more information about business assistance? Questions on applications, co-applicants, scheduling, and the Build It Back Centers. What are the criteria for eligibility? What if I’ve already received other funds to help me make repairs? My income has changed in the last year.

Should I still provide my most recent 1040 form? How do FEMA grants, SBA loans and insurance payouts affect my Build it Back award offering? I qualified for an SBA loan but did not take one. Will that affect the amount of assistance I can potentially get from Build it Back? Can I be reimbursed for work I’ve already done? Are there restrictions if I get assistance from Build it Back?

Will I receive money directly from Build it Back? Questions on eligibility, income, benefits, and restrictions on assistance. Who will contact me to schedule an appointment for the damage assessment? If I have ongoing construction, can I stop for the day and have my home assessed? Does the Damage Assessment Team need to gain entry into every room? Why is the Damage Assessment Team testing for lead-based paint? Why is the Damage Assessment Team testing for asbestos?

Does the Damage Assessment Team need to walk around my property? Will the Damage Assessment Team be taking photos? Who has access to the information that the Damage Assessment Team collects, including the photos? How long will the damage assessment take?

Do I have to be present at the damage assessment? Can I send someone else in my place? How and when can I get a copy of the damage assessment report? I did not have a lead or asbestos inspection during my damage assessment.